Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to tell Real Milk Glass from Fake

How do you tell real from reproduction milk glass?

I was recently asked this question and being a big fan of milk glass all colors I decided to investigate.

I found a lot of information, here are some of the beginner highlights.

Milk glass is a general term for white glass. Before the 20th century, milk glass was called "opal" glass. This glass had a see-through kind of look. Most of these pieces will have a manufacture mark, such as Fenton, Westmorland, U.S. Glass (being the most popular). If your piece has a mark, you can be certain it is real milk glass.

One of the first indicators is look at the bottom of the piece. Does it have wear or does it look like it just came out of the box?

Scratch the glass on the inside. Does it have a smooth glass feel? If you feel any texture you probably have a piece that has been coated with paint or a glaze.

Another trick I didn't know was if you hold the glass up to the sun and you see light blue or light pink you have a genuine piece. I did try this with several pieces that we have in the store and found in several that I could see blue.

Experience with the glass is really the only true way to tell. Collectors say with experience you will begin to notice a different feel from old to new. Pick up and touch all the pieces you see, ask questions and soon maybe you will be an expert.

This is what I collect. Shell Pink Milk Glass made by Jeanette Glass Company
 in 1957-1959. Still looking for the cookie jar but Oh...the love of the hunt!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What would you do with this?

At Aunt Bee's we always love the opportunity to help  people decorate their homes. All of us can offer ideas, help with colors, and arrange a fireplace mantel.
On Monday a customer and I were walking around the store looking at everything, thinking outside the box for ideas to redo her daughter's bedroom.
We talked about hanging bedsprings from the ceiling with twinkle lights woven throughout or attaching the springs to the wall using as a bulletin board.
"What could I do with this old screen door?" she asked. Well, all kinds of things...use as a divider door, replace your current pantry door, but I used it as a piece of art in my own home. Oh! the possibilities.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2014 Palette of the Year

In the fashion world every year there is a new look, a new color. And the world of home decorating is no different. What is making a huge leap forward is
"Upcycling" word for repurposing.

We do a lot of Upcycling at Aunt Bee's. And we have quite a few vendors who are experts at it!

So I am always curious what colors each year are chosen for us to decorate our homes with. For 2014  Better Homes and Gardens have announced this lively color palette. And I have to say we have sold dressers, hutches, coffee tables in the
Better than Beige,
Leaf Green, Delphinium Blue and shelves in Lilac.

Hey girls, think we should try Poppy or Cobalt blue? So fun experimenting with color!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bragging a little

One of our very own vendors, Denise, who owns Pink Postcard was invited to be a guest blogger on a fabulous blog called Coastal Charm in Alabama. How exciting for Denise to be asked and recognized all over the country!

And, yes, she lives here at Aunt Bee's! Stop in and check out Pink Postcard.
Click on the link to read the article.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


The best part of owning a shop like we have is meeting and getting to know all the people ... vendors and customers alike. People are great if you just be still and listen to them. They have stories to tell and we all can laugh or cry together.

Today when I saw these daffodils made by the talented hands of our vendor Patti, I had to have some. (I left some for you too.)  I had to smile as well.  Not only is Patti talented, she is a wonderfully sweet person. We all LOVE this business of ours.  We get to share in others lives and benefit from their talents and gifts. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chapter 1: The Planning Starts

I have a thing for silver. If it's silver and it's old, I have to have it. After the engagement the first thing I started thinking about was food. What kind of food are we going to serve and what are we going to serve it on? I knew immediately I wanted old silver platters. Luckily I had a couple but needed more. I started looking around Aunt Bee's and not to my surprise we had a ton ! I wanted a lot of them and started thinking about other ways to use them. Other people suggested using them as a base for the centerpieces, hanging them on the walls as a magnet board for photos or little notes from the guests and even painting them with chalkboard paint and writing the menu on it. Cute!!

What would you use them for in your wedding? Can you think of any creative uses for your own home?

To be continued......

Friday, February 21, 2014

She said "YES"

This is Katelyn here from Aunt Bee's House! I was proposed to this past summer and said "Yes!" Working here at Aunt Bee's I have been getting so inspired with things coming in the shop and just thinking about the possibilities I have for decorating! Luckily I'm getting married at a time when not everything has to be traditional and there are a lot of options for brides regarding how they want their special day to be. Being in the special position where I have unlimited amount of inspiration from the store, as well as 10 mom's (co-workers) to help me figure everything out, I'm wanting to share my inspiration and findings with other brides and brides to be to hopefully help them out in some of their decision making. So stay tuned!